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What’s In Store For Fintech In 2016?

5th January 2016

Financial technology is seeing explosive growth. New technologies in data management and security have sprung up over the past year, and is predicted to boom even more in 2016. According to Forbes, a number of people using non-bank options to manage their money could double next year, and such amount is expected to keep rising. A booming interest for Fintech will inevitably bring changes – let’s see what’s in store for Fintech in 2016, and what impact it will have.


Fintech itself is presenting a new era of customer-focused innovation. Relationship with the customer is the central dimension, though is a subject to constant change. Increasing customer expectations will inevitably affect as well as improve financial services, which have already enhanced traditional services in speed and inclusivity. It’s clear that in 2016 customers will expect to have an option to perform all traditional services on mobile device, plus in a speedy manner. Customers will increasingly look for personalized product solutions and simple application with a prompt acceptance mechanism, such as one-click loan.


Making money by reaching the underbanked have not always gone hand-in-hand. Up to this point it’s been rather a fascinating corporate social responsibility showcase, though nobody really looked at financial inclusion as a necessity. We’re now witnessing a moment when a great amount of companies realize the urge of financial inclusion, and what benefit it brings for them. For that reason, more Fintechs will look at financial inclusion as the opportunity to grow, expand and reach a greater amount of potential customers.


It is obvious that threats existing in cyber space are particularly pertinent for Fintech, as peoples’ money is at stake. Customers need reassuring that their details are in safe hands, and that financial transactions online do not have any pitfalls which cybercriminals could use for their own benefit. Acknowledging the relevance of cyber security, Fintechs have continued to embrase the digital revolution and the need for strengthening security over the past year. For that reason, it’s more than likely that the level of investment in cybersecurity solutions will accelerate in Fintech throughout the 2016 allowing companies deploying such solutions to feel a lot safer.

2016 for Fintech will be critical: it is going to be a big year for the booming Fintech industry, full of changes, progressive and even more groundbreaking than ever before.


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