At Creamfinance we believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it!


Consumer finance services provider Creamfinance LLC was founded in 2012 in Latvia and has experienced an instant growth since. The mission of Creamfinance is to make money available; this is done by providing consumer loans online in a convenient and speedy manner.

Utilizing advanced algorithms and machine-learning capabilities to quickly evaluate and score, Creamfinance offers a highly customized approach to the personal loan process and aims to become a one-click loans provider to consumers globally. National platforms are operated by an international team, consisting of over 300 employees from 15 countries, working to improve services across operating markets both within and outside of Europe.

What makes Creamfinance unique? 

  • Diversified funding sources from public & private bonds to various online marketplace platforms and equity investors
  • A unique synergy between Marketing – Technology – Operations
  • Specially developed in-house Smart Data scoring technology
  • Among the top 3 worldwide for the speed and accuracy of credit scoring
  • First-rate senior management coming from different industries & countries but all from local markets

Creamfinance Brands